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I was totally satisfied with the service of Mass-Hinitt. Jim had everything we had prepared all ready to go over as soon as he was notified. They were right on everything and didn't try to sell us anything we hadn't prepared for.
~ Sally   S. - 5/15/2019

Nothing could have been better. The plans and service were exactly what my son would have wanted had he planned it himself. You are wonderful people who genuinely care about our feelings and the minute details. Sarah was wonderful and extremely knowledgeable. She was very calming and comforting with the way she handled everything.
~ Wendy   M. - 3/20/2019

We were highly satisfied, couldn't have asked for more excellent care or service. Both Sam and Sarah were not only responsive to our concerns and needs, they anticipated what we needed and offered helpful suggestions. Their personal touches were excellent!
~ Brenda   G. - 11/19/2018

I was very happy. Sarah and Sam were great and handled what we needed. The visit made our family important.
~ Cherryl   B. - 8/20/2018

This is the third time we have used your services. Each time, the process was smooth and the staff was very attentive to our needs. Thank you. Martha was very thorough and attentive to use. Sam helped getting things moving and Sarah was friendly and helpful getting our insurance money, death certificates and other things. 
~ Micah   H. - 5/13/2018

Very satisfied! Martha Aponte did things as if it was her own family & did not just sales pitch everything.
~ Todd   R. - 4/21/2018

Our situation was difficult logistically. Our father died while on a business trip in Junction City, KS but lived in Missouri (eventually buried in Nebraska). Samuel and Sarah made us feel we were in good hands and were very sensitive to all our needs. 
~ Julie   W. - 4/19/2018
From the outset we knew we were in very good hands. Although a logistical challenge (died in Kansas, lived in Missouri but buried in Nebraska) everyone at Dove Cremation Junction City helped turn everything around in a timely manner while being wonderfully empathetic and professional. Thank you from our entire family, you were a great help at a difficult time. 
~ Julie   W. - 4/4/2018

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