Earth-friendly burial and cremation

Earth-friendly service options

Funeral services that take the environment into consideration are becoming more popular all the time. When planning an earth-friendly funeral service, customers often take the following into consideration: 

1.       Cremation or burial?

Both cremation and burial carry an environmental footprint, so customers often research these options before choosing one over the other. Traditional burials require the digging up of land and they also rely on materials – from those used in burial vaults to those used in embalming – some of which are not considered to be very “green.” Cremation, in comparison, typically doesn’t incorporate a hefty reliance upon potentially harmful materials. 

2.       Containers for remains

Many traditional caskets and urns are not inherently environmentally friendly. But many of today’s suppliers are creating more earth-friendly options. Caskets made of biodegradable materials, such as wicker or natural wood, are often readily available. And simple containers for holding cremains can even be made from recycled paper. Customers interested in earth-friendly options may consider these products when planning funerals.

3.       Service considerations

Funerals for the environmentally conscious can incorporate a number of earth-friendly choices. Services may be more simple in terms of the number of attendees and the location of parts of the ceremony. Simpler services with shorter (or no) processions will have smaller environmental footprints. Programs may be printed on recycled materials or skipped altogether. Some customers will opt for burials at natural cemeteries, where harmful interment materials are banned.

Posted: December 15, 2015
Tags: types-of-services

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